If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die.

Τρίτη, 29 Ιουλίου 2014


There's just something about airport bars that make you... real. Ironically, they ground you. They bring out all your vulnerabilities, your honesty. Maybe it's because you realize how big this world actually is, how many things are happening now as we speak, how many people are traveling miles and miles away from home.


You call home.

Or what you feel is home.

So there you are somewhere on this planet, at a airport bar drinking and calling me. And here I am, miles and miles away, pouring myself a drink and joining you over the phone line, just for a little while, before you catch your flight.

You tell me where it hurts.

I tell you where it hurts.

You laugh.

I laugh.

You tell me you love me.

I say I love you too.

And while in different continents and time zones, we arrange a rain-check sometime somewhere far far away, like that other time we did just that and it was awesome.

You and me, a hotel bar, a couple of drinks, and all the truths we're afraid to admit to the rest of the world that sees us and thinks we are invincible.

Δευτέρα, 14 Ιουλίου 2014



How's it going?

What's up?

I've been away. So close but away. In a good way. I remembered the way I used to be, but in a much more mature and grounded way. I laughed -can you believe it?- I heard myself laugh spontaneously, loudly and most importantly, happily.

I barely recognized myself but yeah, it was me. And it felt good.

I opened my mouth and words came out, words I wouldn't normally say or put together and I fought for certain things and guess what; noone died, noone hated me and I actually felt justified.

I smiled. And hugged. And waved. And it was nice. Oh so nice. People were happy to see me. I was happy to see people. I also saw people that were rude and had a stick up their ass and I still managed to be polite and not dragged into their shit, which was awesome.

We drank. And went out. And you looked at me and said you haven't seen me sparkle in a while. I daydreamed. I made plans. I wanna be. I wanna do. I wanna feel.

You whispered things in my ear and I smiled.

I haven't been giving myself enough credit. I've put me down. The rest just followed. Or maybe I just surrounded myself with assholes. So I had to break down to start over.

But most importantly, I think I've found my center. My balance. Got rid of the ugly bits. The hurting bits. Or at least, I started focusing on the good bits.

So yeah. That's me.

Feels like I've been dancing in the rain.

How you doin'?