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Τρίτη, 2 Ιουλίου 2013

Gasping for Air

I spent the last few days underwater. Muffled sounds... looking upwards at the blurry image of dry land. And I just wanted to stay there. Underwater.

But then, all of a sudden....whoosh! It just hit me, out of nowhere, whoosh, it hit me and it snapped me out of it. All of a sudden, underwater didn't feel good enough, I needed to feel again. And so I came up for air.

I opened all the windows and breathed in. Deeply. Breathe in....breathe out. I let the light in, I let the air in. I finally felt alive again. After weeks of being in limbo, it hit me and I started feeling again. And so I sprang into action.

Με έπιασε μια ανεξήγητα δυναμική αποφασιστικότητα, μια δυναμική αισιοδοξία, μια δυναμική τελοσπάντων που made me feel 3 meters high and strong. Emotionally, mentally, strong. I breathed in and said to myself Tinks, you're good shit. And your worth it. And if whatever has any worth for you, you better dry off those tears, get back on your feet and fight. Fight for it. Nothing will be given to you on a silver platter, get the hell up, and fight for it. Only if you really truly care.

And since I know, I feel it in my heart of hearts that this is it, this is worth it, I'm getting up and I'm after it. I'm fighting for it. Putting all ego aside, all fear to the minimum, I'm here, I'm loud so you can hear me because I'm here and I'm not gonna let life or anyone push me in a corner or keep me underwater. I'm here, I'm good, pure in my heart of hearts and I'm brave and I'm fighting for what I feel is worth my while.

I gasped for air. And breathing in deeply, I breathed in strength, beauty, truth and love. I'm too sensitive sometimes, I'm vulnerable, but I cannot, not remember that I'm all about freedom, beauty, truth and love. And that's what makes me sensitive and vulnerable yes, but that's exactly what makes me brave as well.

3 σχόλια:

  1. That's what makes you, you!
    And that's what makes you unique.
    Above all emotions, lies hope.
    The best and worst of them all.
    But this is why you breathed again.
    Because something inside you is still alive.

    I'm happy you did.
    Tinks, deserves to live.
    Thank you for letting her breathe.

    Loads of love and kisses my darling.
    xxxx <3 xxxx <3 xxxx <3 xxxx <3