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Δευτέρα, 8 Σεπτεμβρίου 2014

Look At That

Oh look at you.

So smiley and funny. God everyone loves you. They feel you're their best friend. Or at least, would want you to be. You're so much fun and so carefree and you make people laugh and they feel happy for a while, I mean you're awesome. You're the man. You've got it all figured out.

Look at you.

With your easygoing flair. Your Converse sneakers, that huge smile, I mean you're so approachable and lovely.

Look at that.

It must be fun in your world. You make everything seem so easy and pretty and funny. It must be nice. God so nice. Yeah. No wonder they all like you.

Won't you look at that.

Yeah... It is a sight for sore eyes. Come a little closer. No?

Okay, I'll move a little closer.

Let me get a better look. The shininess was blinding me from there. Okay, I'm closer now; my eyes don't hurt anymore.

I'm looking.

Your T-shirt has stains on it. A small hole too. Your Converse sneakers are dirty. You haven't brushed your teeth today have you?

Hey, what's wrong? Don't look away. It's alright. I get it; all that is an act but I'm not afraid. I see you. Come closer.

You still don't move.

Fine. I'll come a little closer then.

What happened to your eyes? Where are they? Cause all I see are two black holes staring back at me. Come on, tell me a joke, you're good at that, come on, make me laugh. What happened? Why are you so serious? You're so much fun from back there.

Your hand feels cold. And weightless. From this close, you look transparent, as if you're not even there.

And now I understand why they all stay away. It's better when you're on the pedestal. They see what they want to see. They see what they need to see.

But what about those that came closer? Why did they all run away? How could you scare off the ones that loved you the most?

Who hurt you? Who was it? Was it mummy? Was it daddy? Because your wounds from so close are so obvious. You're not even licking them. Not even trying to heal them. Maybe you're even oblivious to their presence afterall.

Look at you. So transparent. So thin. You're like the wind; can't grasp it. You slip away.


What happened to you?

I'm not even sure you can hear me anymore.

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