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Σάββατο, 5 Σεπτεμβρίου 2015


It took one picture.

Of a 3 year old.

A drowned 3 year old.

Face down.

In the sand.

To make people realize, or simply just ponder what the hell is going on around us.

I don't know how and if I'll ever get that image out of my head.

Or if the thought of it alone will ever stop giving me goosebumps.

I blame the media. Our ignorance. Our vague knowledge on everything, but on nothing essentially.

I know I can't stop the war.

I know I can't feed all the poor.

I know I can't take away all the sorrow around us.

But for fucks safe, I can, not be a jerk. I can, not be an ignorant indifferent individual. I can be nicer to people. I can help, in itty bitty ways, but imagine my itty bitty ways, combined with yours, and everyone, will make a hell lot of a difference.

Everyone has something to say these days, you see it everyday on your Facebook time line I presume. How the dumbest, illiterate (to say the least) posts get the most attention, where as something that requires common sense and a grain of sentimentality, are just overlooked. It never ceases to impress me. How we have allowed ourselves to be stupefied to the extent where we have lost our moral compass, our sense of humor, our bloody common sense and we are satisfied with whatever is given or available to us.

Because I find that social media paint a rather clear picture of the society you exist in.

And from point of view, it says a lot, but it doesn't say much.

If you catch my drift.

I just wanted to say, that inspite of the jerks, the idiots with the loud but void voices, I still damn believe in the bits of humanity in us, we just have to piece them together, come on, give me a hand here, this cannot be what we have been reduced to. What's left of us. I can't. I don't wanna. Believe.

If you catch my drift.

If not, sorry, my sleepless nights bring the nonsense out of me.

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  1. Θα μου πεις ότι εν αφέλεια αλλά ειλικρινά θέλω να πιστεύω ότι ακούγονται παραπάνω εκείνες οι φωνές γιατί οι άλλες το έχουν σαν αυτονόητο, δεν έχουν ανάγκη τη μία φωτογραφία. Τουλάχιστο έτσι θέλω να νομίζω.
    Τα άτομα που για να γυρίσουν να δουν τι γίνετε όταν φανεί ή ακουστή μία ιστορία (που έχει και ακόμα 100 παρόμοιες) θα το ξεχάσουν όταν σταματήσει η φωτογραφία να γίνετε ποστ. For most people "it's way over there".

    1. Ναι αλλά that's exactly our issue; how do we, actively, everyday little by little make this place, this society, this neighborhood a better place if we do not try? Starting from the smallest bits

  2. όλοι μπορούν να βοηθήσουν με τον ένα ή τον άλλο τρόπο, είτε λίγο είτε πολύ

    κ σε μένα είχε επίδραση η φωτογραφία, αποφάσισα να μην είμαι πλέον μαλάκας κ να αγνοώ την κατάσταση.

    στο φβ εχτός από αυτά που λες, έχει και σελίδες που ποστάρουν το τι χρειάζονται, μέχρι τώρα τα ελληνικά νησιά, από χθες και εκείνοι που κατέφθασαν στην κύπρο. όλο κ κάτι θα μπορείς/μπορώ/μπορεί να προσφέρουμε

  3. https://www.facebook.com/pages/%CE%8C%CF%87%CE%B9-%CE%AC%CE%BB%CE%BB%CE%B1-%CE%B8%CF%8D%CE%BC%CE%B1%CF%84%CE%B1/1507526789510344

  4. if we can maybe do some small steps? ?? https://www.facebook.com/events/495163213982173/ to a march? maybe?