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Τετάρτη, 30 Δεκεμβρίου 2015

I Come From A Different Place

As I'm sitting here, I realize that I come from a different place when I say, I know better now. It's more grounded, more confident. Or maybe it just became a little clearer to me. But I do know better now.

At least compared to where I came from last year.

Isn't it funny, how we tend to wipe off the ugly parts of a year nearing its end, and focusing on the good? Maybe it's a self preservation mechanism, maybe we wanna exorcise the bad and negative and not drag any drama into the new year territory and jinx it.

Not in the beginning at least.

I guess we all need a clean slate every once in a while. Give ourselves a pat on the back and say -hey, even believe it really- "it's gonna be alright".

I started 2015 with the best possible circumstances. It felt as if everything was falling into place. But then, it went really bad.

No, I mean, really bad.

But even during that bad time, I can't ignore that I was thrown a bone. Blessings as I tend to call them and they came at the right moment and maybe even saved my sanity then cause I was really on the end of my rope.

So as 2015 is ending I know I have to close the door on things and people once and for all and from its ruins, begin building something else. Hopefully much better and stronger.

2015 took you away from me so violently that the thought of it still makes my blood run cold. But I no longer have the need to understand the whys and the hows; I have been learning to accept things and move on.

2015 also pushed me to my professional limits, and in a way I got to another level. God knows how frightened and unsure I was, but somehow I managed to pull it off. I did it. On my own. So yeah, maybe I am worthy afterall. I couldn't believe it if I hadn't gone through it.

2015 also taught me how to be me; I did not run for role-model-of-the-year so I do not care if people disagree with me and feel let down by me. I can no longer keep a straight face or my opinion to myself when I'm dealing with stupidity, audacity, unfairness or any sort of personal attack. I've realized what a huge matter is respect to me, and it all stems -and in some cases, ends- there.

So as I'm sitting here barefoot with an unlit cigarette hanging from my lips, I am looking forward to 2016 and all it will bring. I'm excited at its prospects, keeping my fingers crossed that the universe won't fuck itself sideways and plunge me into the abyss of self loathing and disappointment again, but at the same time, as I'm writing this, I am hopeful that, even if it does fuck its self sideways, that I'll be better equipped to deal with it in a manner that my 2017 self will be proud of me. All because I now come from a different place.

Happy new year and I wish you all love and light xx

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  1. What I really loved from the very beginning in you is your honesty when writing and your truthfulness towards yourself, in what you feel, in what you don't. I followed you when rolling on the floor, either laughing or crying. I watched you grow within all circumstances of life. Fighting, against your own self, feelings and inner thoughts. I'm so proud of what you became through it all. Such a genuine person!

    Wishing the best of the best in this coming year dearest.
    May your life be filled with love and light.

    1. my darling... thank you. Humbled by your kind words. Thank you for being here. Wishing you all the best your way for this new year :)

  2. "I did not run for role-model-of-the-year".
    You're pushing to be better than the one you were the day before, and that pretty much is all you should be.
    Here's for pushing 2016 to be better than 2015. (Cause just hoping for it didn't work before :/ )

  3. Don't hate me. Wouldn't you quit smoking? :p or am i wrong?

    1. Why would I hate you? :)

      I'm trying to quit, so far I've managed to substantially reduce it. Happy new year dear!