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Τετάρτη, 6 Ιανουαρίου 2016

2016 Be Like...

Well well well! Hello 2016!

Cheers, yeah.

Well, we made it through the holidays...

...in one piece I hope and without too horrible hangovers,

Or... maybe not.

But in-spite of that, lets be a little optimistic about this new year and hope that it brings:

More of this

...and less of this

More laughter...

(but not in such a creepy looking way)

...and less fuck-yous.

(Even though they are necessary and do come in handy in some cases.)

Moving on, I hope 2016 is a year of many good hair days...

....jumping-up-and-down-with-joy days...

...group hug days...

....and happy drinking night days with my girls.

Bottoms up ladies!

Speaking of my girls, they've been there for me through thick and thin and always make me feel like a million bucks and for that my friends, I am so thankful.


Hopefully this year will bring new exciting adventures...

... good news...

...less of the kind of people that make me go, like...

...and in some cases, even like

And that's not even the half of it!

May 2016 be a year of prosperity...


...of big exciting news...

...handsome cheeky men...

...and why the hell not, of za za zoo love even!

Even though I could not tango like that to save my life!

But then again, who knows? Maybe I could.


Just be you, be well and happy, respect and appreciate what you have and dream big, and fuck whatever anyone thinks; you only have to answer to yourself at the end of the day. So go out there, big and strong and make the best out of 2016.

Happy new year!

8 σχόλια:

  1. Happy new year tinks!
    What a nice post.
    Maybe some new exciting adventures are already on their way!

  2. Καλή μας χρονιά, να πάθουμε ότι ποθούμε, και μία απορία...
    Θυμάσαι όλες τούτες τις σκηνές από τις ταινίες και μετά πας να τα βρεις σαν GIFs όταν τις χρειαστείς?!

    1. Όχι, I wish I could but most of them είναι αποτελέσματα τυχαίου search :)

  3. το GIF της Τζούλια Ρόμπερτ πόθεν είναι;

    Καλή χρονιά! Εγράφτηκες για τανγκό ή ακόμα;

    1. Αχ δεν έχω ιδέα! Έκανα search "laughter" και ανάμεσα σε άλλα, βγήκε και αυτό :)

      Τανγκό? Χμ... το σκέφτομαι!

  4. Σου εύχομαι όλα τα πιο πάνω κι άλλα τόσα ευχάριστα απρόοπτα