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Τετάρτη, 20 Απριλίου 2016

Story Of My Life

This thing happened to me once in the movies and I've come to believe that it couldn't describe my life more accurately.

So the movies are pretty packed that night, could barely find a seat with my friend and people kept on coming through the stairs.

Me and my friend spotted a couple of seats in the far end of the aisle, towards the wall, so we squeeze and "please" and "thank you" our way through the packed aisle to get the seats we spotted near the wall.

But there were three seats actually and it was only two of us, and just that moment I spot a group of three people, looking around desperately for somewhere to sit all together.

I noticed, in the aisle right in front of us, were two empty seats, so being the person I am, I get up, offer our three seats to the three strangers standing on the stairs, wondering where the hell are they gonna sit. They accept happily -obviously- and I get up with my friend to move an aisle forward.

(Are you following by the way or am I talking too fast?)

Of course I'm not gonna jump over the seats to the aisle bellow, duh, I have manners, so my friend and I squeeze and "please" and "thank you" our way out of that aisle, back on the stairs to move an aisle down.

The moment we are about to squeeze and "please" and "thank you" our way on the aisle bellow, this guy literally comes out of nowhere, jumps over the seats, and takes the seats we so patiently tried to get to, while his lady friend pushes by us to get through to her -rude- guy friend who already secured the seats for them.

And I got sooo annoyed.

But that lasted for like 3 seconds, cause then I felt so hurt because it felt really unfair. I mean, we played by the rules, we went by the book, and some random guy -with insanely long legs apparently- just decided to take a short cut, jumped over the seats and all the aisles and got there first.

And actually ended up getting the seats!

Sometimes, I feel exactly like that in my professional life. You play by the rules, you do the right thing, but someone almost always knows a short cut.

And you're standing on the stairs, in a room full of people staring at you, with a box of pop corn in hand, with nowhere to go and you could not feel pathetic enough.

I really find this world to be a very scary place sometimes.

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