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Κυριακή, 30 Νοεμβρίου 2014

Crime Scene

The worst crimes happen when you least expect it, from the one you least expect it from.

The most horrific crime scenes where once happy places.

The worst kind of victim is one that has not been hurt, has no cuts or bruises and yet is damaged all the way.

I sleep on a crime scene every night.

7 σχόλια:

  1. Do paint the floor and walls over and change the furniture then.

    And the ceiling too if it was a head shot.

  2. Don't allow this crime to feed your soul anymore.
    If you have the means to do it, financially, move to another apartment.
    Cut all ends.
    I know that probably you need to stay connected; this crime is what connects you to this person.
    But here I am, saying you: Cut it.
    Believe me, it cannot hurt you more, although you may think it will be the last strike and you cannot take it.
    In a strange way you will feel free.


  3. Άλλαξε τους τοίχους και το στρώμα. not kidding.

  4. Απαντήσεις
    1. Generally not the best way to show what's in your mind.

    2. Also: this is not what we actually had in mind, when we suggested to change the colour on your walls!
      P.S. Hope you also appreciate my black/sarcastic humor.

    3. Ναι, μιλούμε για πογιάτισμα με φρουτσί και πογιά!